I'm Composer and  piano player.

My place. My web place. Part of me. Part of my life.

Something happen when you play, when you write, when you share your music.

With the music, travels your emotion, your feelings, your passions, your insecurity, your vision of the world, your vision of the life.

Each note that you play, is in direct relationship with the others between, with you own intention, with your most deep soul.

I play the piano.

I like to play the piano.
I'm pianist
I write songs and piano music.

#evocativemusic #chillmusic #softmusic #musicandlife #newmusic #musicworld #filmmusic #evocative #emotional #coastlover.

I spend a lot of time with my piano.

I'm so happy to share my feelings with my piano
I like to share my music.