There is a wonderful place called Talis. It is one of my favorites in the world. Surely there are many beautiful places all over the world. But in this, I feel peace, and I know that I can find myself

I must fit the pieces that are part of my life, in the best possible way. And I should detect the pieces that do not fit, and remove them as soon as possible. Like in the dry wall

Horse trail. A space through which historically men, animals and above all horses have travelled in total harmony and peace.A space close to the land, the sea and the sun where to get closer to the most intimate nature, and share its whims.

For hundreds of years, the wind and the sea have sculpted the rock, to give it the shape of a bridge. From the bridge you can see how the sun is hiding. He does it every day to see him again the next day. If you can cross over the rock, and cross below over the water, on the same day. I'm sure life is able to grant you ten or fifteen more days of happiness.


Light gives us clarity, shows us contrasts, calculates distance and helps us see things clearly. Sometimes we cannot see it with our own eyes, but even so we have it clear, we know it is there,
and we can feel it.
But if we look carefully, it's always there, ready to help us. We just have to want to see it.

 This is the big, the biggest, the great Migjorn.

All of us want to life and survive. After that, all of us ask something to our lives.
What we wanna do, what we wanna be, what we wanna feel, what we wanna share.
There will be a time when painters will Paint,  writers will write, musics will thrill, 
people will follow their dreams. Don't dream your life. Live your dreams.

Played life. 6/5/2019 Barcelona

Played life. 6/5/2019 Near Sagrada Família

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In 1990 the salt marshes at Addaia closed. And one of the places where, a large number of different birds species can live and travel safely, was naturally created. Salt gives life to nature.